Haniday Distribution

The growth of business has seen a creation of diversified business units. Our business has grown from Auto spares and fuels to supply and distribution of agriculture seed ,groceries ,stationery, cell phones, computers and IT accessories just to mention a few. We save you time and energy by delivering directly to your door step leaving you with ample time to focus on your CORE business operations. The request from our customers a one stop shop for the needs has resulted in the creation of a distribution unit within the company. We deliver greater benefits and value to our customers by securing cost competitiveness in the local and regional market. From product distribution to after sales service, we will ensure that every customers need is met by providing the ultimate customer experience.

A customer is no longer simply a means for the company to receive income .We still continue to leave by our values (Conduct our business with honest and integrity and develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients). We have come to see our customers as a family through the creation of mutually beneficial relationship. As such, Haniday Technologies seeks to become a lifetime partner, a lifetime companion in the everyday lives of its customers.

Here is what you can expect from us
 We understand and listen to your needs
 We will make every effort to make sure that your request are timely made
 We will make an honest effort to help you find the product at the right price
Reliable and effective distribution directly to your door step